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  • iFocus Technology CO.,LTD

  • Focused as our name, iFocus Technology, is a dedicated manufacturer for dry blend vaporizers, and we are dedicated to clients and gradually form solid partnerships with them, not only production but also R&D, and extending to commercial development.

    Our Mission is to bring Premium and Affordable cutting edge vaporizer technology to our partners, together we providing healthy smoking alternatives to people everywhere for a better quality of life and portable aromatherapy experience within the industrial.

    iFocus claims to be one of the most innovative, flexible and diversified company, goes these ways with young well experienced team with fresh ideal and the motivation to lead this company into a successful future.

    To support the innovational strength of the market, we are always excited to hear from our potential customers by offer them to develop and produce their products in our factory at reasonable cost, we call ODM, so please reach out if there’s anything our team can do to improve your vapor experience.

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